About Us

Take Another Step Ministries equips Christ-followers to live confidently, lead courageously and love completely. We accomplish this purpose by bringing solutions in two key areas...


We bring programs anchored in God's wisdom to help you live with confidence, lead with courage and love with all your heart. Each program is unique and aligns with different needs you may have. Using a variety of learning methods we build our programs with the ability to get a general overview of a topic to increase your knowledge or go deep to truly experience life change.


Dr. Jason Brooks, president and founder of Take Another Step Ministries is a gifted speaker. He loves "seeing the light bulb of insight and inspiration come on in people's eyes".. He brings a variety of topics in keynote, seminar, workshop and teambuilding formate to help you thrive.

Dr. Jason Brooks

president and founder

Dr. Jason Brooks loves equipping and inspiring Christ-followers to live confidently, lead courageously and love completely.....


He has over 25 years’ experience in executive leadership roles from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations in multiple industries. God has also allowed him and his team at Take Another Step to bring their passion for living confidently, leading courageously, and loving completely.

Born from Dr. Jason's life experience and years of growth through studying scripture, prayer, and being part of many discipleship programs, he has seen the work of this ministry change countless lives in miraculous ways. Take Another Step Ministries is a passion project where Dr. Jason can intentionally focus on equipping and inspiring Christ-followers to thrive in every area of life and be a light to the world.

He's also a bestselling author, speaker, and host of the LeaderThrive Podcast which helps leaders everywhere thrive in all areas of life.