The following books, written by Dr. Jason Brooks, could be a great resource to help you take another step in your life and leadership journey. Enjoy!

What if the push of a single button could RESET a part of your life that hasn’t quite worked out the way you had hoped? What if you could, in an instant, Re-Organize, Re-Focus, and Re-Fuel your dreams and goals?


What if, instead of just talking about your purpose, you could live it—right now, and every day into the future? What if you could RESET?


Dr. Jason Brooks, author of the highly-anticipated and acclaimed book RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow’s World, leads you on an exciting journey to:

- Create the perfect picture of our lives through a time of deep personal exploration

- Explore the Four Foundational Laws that impact all of your actions

- Evaluate your current degree of life balance and create strategies to establish a greater balance in their lives

- Develop crystal understanding of your life purpose, live your hearts passion, create plans for success, develop strategies to persevere through obstacles, and celebrate their successes in life.


Your RESET is waiting for you!

Your Daily RESET

We walk through life one step at a time. Moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day we journey. We live...we work...we love...we aspire...we dream...we strive to leave a legacy.


From the author of the bestseller RESET: Reformatting Your Purpose for Tomorrow's World comes a book to share daily inspiration as you take the next step each and every day and pose thought-provoking questions for personal growth and success. 


As Your Daily RESET is part of starting each and every day, the questions will continue to challenge and inspire you to move deeper into discovering the masterpiece you were created to be and allow God to speak to your heart. In a world where we're often overwhelmed with difficulties and challenges, it's important to be intentional with our thoughts, our actions, and commit time to giving praise and gratitude for who we are and the lives we live.


Don't be like everyone else! Don't accept average as the norm. Embrace your place and live the life you were created to live to the fullest. You can find inspiration in every moment, joy in every season, and the strength to leave the legacy you've always imagined.


This is your daily reset!