THRIVE Ministry

Life and Relationship Growth Ministry

We were created to Thrive! As we grow individually and together, we're able to become all God created us to be. 


But, often, challenges we face in life get us off track and keep us from truly thriving. That's where we come in.


The challenges people face in life provide a unique opportunity where we can engage with great flexibility to provide direction, support, encouragement, growth…a reset…in their spirit, their hearts, their relationships, their bodies, their minds, and in their life purpose and direction.


With this in mind, a core aspect of Take Another Step will be to provide a variety of ministries designed to bring Hope, healing, inspiration, change, and growth– all with a focus on help people THRIVE in all areas of life.


The THRIVE ministry changes lives through four different, unique, but connected ministries:


  • Life and Relationship Growth and Development Programs

  • Christian Life Coaching

  • Christian Mentorship

  • Life Journey Groups

Marriage and Couples Ministries

Dr. Jason and Darla love pouring into the lives of couples everywhere. They know healthy and happy marriages don't happen by accident. Through their almost 25 years of marriage, they've had their ups and downs. But through it all, they've learned some of the keys to creating and maintain a strong, vibrant marriage where both are growing individually in their walk with God and loving each other more each day.


Through a variety of programs, Dr. Jason and Darla will help you...

  • Build and grow your relationships with your spouse, children, family and friends

  • Strengthen your faith and grow closer to God

  • Create a pathway for your learning and personal growth

Life Change and Personal Growth  Programs

Dr. Jason, Darla and other speakers connected with TASM will create and present life changing personal growth and development programs designed to grow individuals, couples, families, ministry and business teams and groups of all kinds.


Programs will provide a practical need that is valuable for everyone, with a strong faith-focused foundation and message. This will create an environment where everyone is welcome and can come to learn, grow, and experience change, while seeds are being planted to open eyes to Christ and God’s word as they grow as followers and disciples of Christ.


  • Grow healthy relationships

  • Strengthen your faith and grow closer to God

  • Focus on building and maintaining a healthy body 

  • Create a pathway for your learning and personal growth

  • Evaluate your career and create a plan to ensure your "work" is fulfilling and aligns with who you are

  • Create a healthy understanding of money and become a good financial steward of your finances

  • Deeply explore your purpose...the reason you're here, and understand God's calling for your life

  • Learn the next steps that God is calling you to take in life

  • Identify your life passion and unleash that passion to propel you further in living your life to the the glory of God

Christian Life Coaching and Mentorship

We all need a little help sometimes! Because of this reality, we will connect with folks of all backgrounds to help bring hope, healing, growth, and inspiration in all areas of life through life leadership coaching. Christian Life Coaching is a dynamic relationship between the coaching client and a member of our team of staff or volunteer life coaches, depending on your preference, designed to tap into the clients full potential.


Just as Olympic athletes wouldn't think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today's most balanced, fulfilled, and successful folks use the expertise of a Christian life coach to take their lives, faith, careers, relationships, and health to the next level.






Mentoring, by definition is an informal, self-directed learning relationship, driven by the learning and developmental needs of the mentee. We believe strongly in the power of mentoring and believe that everyone…everywhere needs to be involved in mentoring relationships where they can be a “Paul, a Barnabas, and a Timothy”.

Need a Mentor? We maintain a database of individuals who have a desire to provide Christian mentorship and those wanting a mentor. With this, we will be able to help facilitate the introduction of those relationships and begin the mentoring journey on a positive path.


Want to be a Mentor? Through Take Another Step’s THRIVE Ministry, we will provide training on effective mentorship so both the mentor and mentee can gain maximum benefit from the relationship. 

Life Journey Groups

Connecting and growing with other Christ followers is essential for a vibrant Christian life journey. Life Journey Groups are the foundation for living a life with other believers to do life together...learn together...grow together.


Life Journey Groups are as varied in approach as those who lead these groups. What is constant, however, is a passionate love of Jesus and a group of Christ followers who are seeking to be closer to Him and to each other.


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"Take Another Step Ministries has been awarded 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. Financial support for this ministry is tax deductible."

"We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)